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Tax consulting services
Legal assistance

There are inherent tensions between the aims of the tax administration and the interests of taxpayers. Therefore, disputes and discussions with tax authorities represent an unavoidable element of the business pursued by entrepreneurs and investors.


In our practice, we try to propose strategies and solutions aimed at preventing disputes and obtaining positive opinions from tax authorities prior to initiating specific actions. However, if a dispute is unavoidable, we focus on a consistent and resolute defence of the client’s interests.


The firm’s legal counsels have more than ten years’ experience of appearing before the tax authorities and courts. We advise and represent the Clients in:

  • tax audits, fiscal audits and tax proceedings throughout Poland,
  • proceedings before the provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • proceedings before common courts in civil and economic cases, including those relating to liability for damages of the State Treasury,
  • administrative and court proceedings relating to social and health insurance contributions,
  • criminal and criminal-and-fiscal proceedings relating to tax settlements.

In our opinion, in disputable cases, it is extremely important to make a joint decision with the Client about the objective of the proceedings, and to develop an adequate strategy and means of implementation. In each phase, we assess the situation and the possibility of accomplishing the planned goals. If the potential benefits of resolving the dispute are no longer satisfactory, or if achieving the benefits becomes rather improbable, we do not recommend that the dispute be continued and the related costs incurred.


We believe in the effectiveness of our services; therefore, in disputable cases, we are open to proposals of accepting retainers linked to positive outcomes.

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